Tashir is a multifaceted Group of Companies with industrial construction profile, set up in 1999, which includes more than 200 dynamically growing organisations operating in various sectors of the Russian economy. The Group's success in all areas of its multifaceted activity is driven by the desire to focus on the highest standards and the maximum results. Over 15 years, Tashir has been confidently and steadily moving towards sustainable development, continuous improvement and progress; and as of today, it unites over 45,000 employees and covers 47 cities of Russia and neighboring countries. The founder and President of the company is Samvel Karapetyan.

The Tashir Group of Companies operates in the following key sectors: construction, development, power generation, manufacturing, finance, retail, restaurants, and entertainment.

All facets of business

Tashir is the largest developer of commercial real estate in Russia and constructs around 500,000 sq. m per year. The Group of Companies is the constructor of the modern, high-tech facilities in commercial and residential real estate, administrative and industrial buildings, now totaling approximately 70 projects with a total area of 5 million sq.m. The key components of success in this direction is the reliance on its own industrial capacity. The extensive manufacture base ensures the effective functioning of the entire Group of Companies and allows us to perform the construction projects of any complexity.

The successful development of any commercial property depends on the quality of its future management. The Tashir Group of companies is recognised the leader in the field of development in Russia and manages dozens of private facilities throughout the country, including shopping centers, hotels and logistics complexes. As the largest developer, Tashir generates a vector of the future industry development for many years to come.

Kaskad holding, being the part of the Tashir Group of Companies, provides a full range of works in the field of power generation, engineering and construction projects and operates industrial, power, infrastructure and civil facilities.

The own full-featured financial structure ensures a strong support to the growth of Tashir and provides the widest range of products and financial services throughout the European territory of Russia.

Tashir is constantly searching for the new ideas and is successfully developing its own retail networks and the projects in the field of entertainment and restaurant business. Each project in these industries aims to anticipate the expectations of consumers, to create something unique for the market and be one step ahead of the existing opportunities.

The multifaceted business, the self-sufficient and reliable structure, adjusted with years, and a clear long-term strategy – these are the key ingredients of the Tashir’s success. Confidence, endless energy and determination to successfully complete each project - these are the main motives for 15 years that have been helping the Tashir Group of Companies to be the leader in all areas of its activities.

In the future, Tashir is also aimed at the implementation of the most complex and large-scale projects. Be the best today to be better tomorrow- this is the policy of the winners, followed by the Tashir’s team.