Бронзовая Ника досталась Александру Грищуку
Alexander Grischuk Gets the Bronze Nike
12 November 2014

In Moscow a great chess festival the International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian – came to a close. Every day many chess fans, admirers and journalists would come to the Novotel Moscow City Hotel. They were close to eminent grandmasters and felt themselves quite comfortably in their company. But on Tuesday, November 11 the chest feast was over.

The intrigue around the first place that had continued until the last round was solved rather quickly. Alexander Grischuk and Vladimir Kramnik refused to make an issue out of it and forced a draw by move repetition as early as in the opening. Alexander Grischuk took clear first and scored “+4” that is a record for such a strong tournament. He also possesses the highest ELO rating in his chess career now, and it is higher than 2800.

The next to finish their game were Ding Liren and Alexander Morozevich and it was another draw. The Russian player managed to create pressure against his Chinese opponent’s position but committed several mini-inaccuracies. After that Black had “unwinded”, and it was already White who had to force a draw by perpetual check. Let us note that the representative of former Celestial Empire showed the most stable result of the tournament with seven draws.

It seems that if Boris Gelfand could start this tournament all over again, no one would be able to stop him! The Israeli grandmaster, which had played in two most difficult FIDE Grand Prix competitions in a row before the International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian, won his two final games and took the third place. In the 7th round Boris outplayed Peter Leko in the pawn endgame and outstripped Levon Aronian, who had scored as many points, on tie-breaks.  

The battle in the E. Inarkiev vs. L. Aronian game turned out to be prolonged. Levon launched an active attack against the enemy king and, as a result of it, obtained a more favorable endgame. In the ending the leader of Armenian chess managed to confuse his opponent and win.

The closing ceremony of the International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian took place on the same evening. Before the ceremony, Vartan Tigranovich Petrosian, son of the 9th champion of the world, called into the Novotel Moscow City Hotel modestly.  

The ceremony was attended by the President of the ROC Alexander Zhukov, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin, the President of the TASHIR group of companies Samvel Carapetian, the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the President of the RCF Andrey Filatov, 12th chess world champion Anatoly Karpov, the President of CCIFR Emmanuel Quidet, Director General of CCIFR, Vice-President of the RCF Pavel Shinsky and many other well-known personalities.

The names of the winners were announced by the Chief Arbiter of the International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian, international arbiter Boris Postovsky.

The prizes to first three winners of the tournament were awarded by Alexander Zhukov, Igor Levitin and Andrey Filatov.

Prizewinners warmly thanked the organizers the TASHIR group of companies and the Russian Chess Federationfor the brilliantly conducted tournament. Vladimir Kramnik said that in terms of organization the International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian was one of the best competitions in his long chess career.  

After the official part an evening dedicated to the memory of Tigran Petrosian began. At first the guest were shown a film “Tigran the Iron”, and then Mark Glukhovsky, the Chaiman of the RCF Management Board, invited anyone who felt like it to come out to the microphone and share their memories of the 9th champion of the world. The ones to tell their stories were the 12th world champion Anatoly Karpov, Levon Aronian, the Armenian National Coach Arshak B. Petrosian, and a well-known chess journalist Stanislav Zhelezny.

We hope that chess worshippers the International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian. We would also like to thank our guests and spectators for their regular visits to the tournament site and to the venue itself - the Novotel Moscow City Hotel.

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