В честь Петросяна – в стиле Петросяна
In Honor of Petrosian – and in the Petrosian’s Style
11 November 2014

The International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian gradually comes to its logical conclusion. The games of the 6th round were visited by many well-known personalities: the People’s Artist of Russia, pianist Nikolay Lugansky and his friend, grandmaster Alexander Volzhin.

A popular poet and singer-songwriter Timur Shaov, who had visited the event for the second time already, shared his impressions with the correspondent of the tournament’s official site.

- The tournament is amazing. Firstly, I love the venue as I live literally round the corner from here and it’s really comfortable for me to visit it. Secondly, everything is designed very beautifully here, and the organization is rather tasteful. The venue is very comfortable for spectators and fans: you can go to the cozy, air-conditioned playing hall or listen to the interactive comments – just as you wish. And the discussions they have here! Young fans join the polemics, and this is wonderful!

The tournament itself is uncompromising, the games are very interesting. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit all the rounds because of my concert schedule. But today I’ve come to the playing hall, and the Chief Arbiter pointed out a very interesting fact to me: all the participants were sitting at the tables and thinking hard. It was really a rare moment (he laughs). In short, the tournament is a success!

The penultimate 6th round did not define the final outcome of the competition. The key game between Levon Aronyan and Alexander Grischuk did not reveal the winner.

Alexander Grischuk: “It was a really difficult game for me. Levon employed one of the most interesting novelties in the Gruenfeld Defence for the last few years – 10. Rc1 with a sacrifice of a pawn.

In the game Alexander had spent a lot of time on solving his opening problems, but in spite of it managed to find a precise defensive plan.  Levon Aronyan tried to cash in on every micro plus of his position, but that was not enough to win. The game ended in a draw by move repetition.

The crowning glory of the 6th round was the game V. Kramnik vs. A. Morozevich. Vladimir Kramnik developed an attack against black king and even employed an exchange sacrifice “in the Petrosian’s style”. Morozevich defended himself inventively at first, but then there occurred a serious malfunction in his defensive mechanism and he committed a fateful oversight.  

V. Kramnik A. Morozevich

30. hQh2 31. Nh3 Qxh3 ?? 32. Rxg7+ Kh8 33. Bxf6 Qxh6 34. Rg6+ Black resigned.

Ding Liren failed to create any serious opening problem for Boris Gelfand, but in the endgame the Chinese grandmaster made the maestro recall classic examples in order to save a rather unpleasant rook ending. Practically in every game Ding Liren keeps on proving that the endgame is not a problem for him anymore.

The game between Peter Leko and Ernesto Inarkiev was long and full of nuances, just like Neil Young’s guitar solo in the “Dead Man”, but no drama occurred, and the matter ended with a draw in a deep endgame.

Before the last round the situation at International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian is very interesting: Alexander Grischuk is one point ahead of Vladimir Kramnik, but the ex-champion of the world has better tiebreak indicators, as he had played more games with Black. In the 7th round the leaders of Russian chess are going to face each other. At least three other participants aspire for podium. Follow the outcome of the most interesting International TASHIR Chess Tournament in Memory of Tigran Petrosian with us!