Levon Aronian
(October 6, 1982)
Rating Elo –
Levon started playing chess comparatively late, at the age of 9. He was taught the art of moving chess pieces on the chessboard by his elder sister, but his talent was not long in manifesting itself: Levon became a World Youth Champion at a tender age of 12. This was the first in the long row of titles he has been awarded.

Subsequently, Aronian has repeatedly won youth tournaments. Among the landmarks in his ascent was his victory in the 2002 U20 World Championship in Goa. His family had by then moved from Armenia to Germany (where Aronian resides to this day), and the title of the “Prince of Chess” has greatly helped the grandmaster in his career, convincing him that he had made the right choice in life.

The mid-90s brought Aronian a series of wins in international tournaments. The first stage of his adult career in professional chess was concluded with a victory in the 2005 FIDE World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, which enabled the Armenian grandmaster to regularly compete in the Candidates tour. He soon firmly established himself among the top ranks of the chess world. Unlike the majority of chess players, Aronian took maximum advantage of the chance he was given: since he began to be invited to compete in elite tournaments, his participation in them has amounted to a series of impressive victories. He has victories in such reputable tournaments as Wijk aan Zee, Linares, Tal Memorial, Alekhine Memorial, Bilbao under his belt. In 2009 Levon achieved a resounding victory in the FIDE Grand Prix series.

Aronian is excellent as a team player who has been playing for Armenia’s team since 1999 when it won gold in the European Team Championships. Aronian has thrice won playing on board 1 for his country in the Olympics and once in the World Team Championship. His rating approached the fantastic threshold of 2800 several years ago and his achievements testify to his resolution to continue to grow as a chess player and improve his game. Levon Aronian is invariably regarded as one of the odds-on favorites in any chess tournaments around the world.

Aronian can boast his own peculiar, strongly pronounced playing style. He is an exceptionally unorthodox chess player who is incredibly good at dynamic positions. He is an acknowledged master of rapid chess, blitz chess and Fischer Random Chess.